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Does My Adolescent Need Help?

Consider having your adolescent or teenager evaluated by a speech and language pathologist if any of these characteristics are noted:

  • uses incorrect grammar.
  • has a poor vocabulary. May over use clichés, certain words, slang, or non-specific words (e.g. that thing, stuff, etc.).
  • communicates adequately about concrete matters but has trouble with abstract language and ideas.
  • takes figurative language literally. Has trouble understanding jokes, sarcasm, riddles, puns, idioms, slang, and metaphors.
  • can adequately explain how something happens but has trouble explaining why it happens.
  • has trouble reading.
  • doesn’t seem able to follow directions when they are long and/or complex.
  • takes a long time to respond during a conversation.
  • tells stories that are unorganized and may leave out important information.
  • doesn’t ask the right questions to get the information that he or she actually wants. Questions may be too general. For example, saying “Did she leave?” when the real question is “When did she leave?”
  • has trouble expressing his/her thoughts.
  • stutters, has difficulties pronouncing certain sounds, or has a hoarse/strained voice.
  • doesn’t seem to understand or pay attention to norms of conversation, like taking turns, introducing topics of conversation, staying on topic, and ending conversations.
  • has difficulty accommodating the needs of different listeners and situations by using inappropriate language or tone of voice.
  • doesn’t pick up on cues from people’s body language, facial expression, or tone of voice.
  • attempts to avoid demanding language exchanges by appearing to “tune out” or changing the subject altogether.