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Follow these fun, educational links:

Autism Games
 is a website for parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. There are ideas of games to play, and video clips to watch!

Mr. Picassohead
 is an art website that helps you to draw a funny face! (Requires Flash)

Sorting Games
 is a website that plays twenty questions with you!
 is a website for kids ages 8-12 with learning and attention problems. (Requires Flash)

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Parents, these pictures can be used to work on carryover of speech and language skills with your children at home.

While looking at the sheets, find things pictured that emphasize the articulation sounds your child may be working on. Adjust the complexity of your model based on your child’s ability (i.e., A child with a simple articulation error might be able to say the targeted sound in a longer word, phrase or sentence. A child who is challenged by more involved sound errors, such as childhood apraxia of speech, may need simpler, single words modeled in isolation.)

To address vocabulary building, ask your child to name and describe both the objects and actions displayed in the scenes. Have them use their imagination to tell you how the children seem to be feeling, or what they think happened before the scene in the picture took place. Does your child need to work on language comprehension? Have your child identify items in the pictures by asking a variety of “who,” “what,” “where,” etc. questions. Remember, interactive activities is often the best source of speech and language stimulation! Ask your therapist for more specific ideas to incorporate carryover that build your child’s skills at home.